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The PM Series


Domestic thriller with an assassin dark side.

5 PM


Real estate agent, Terry Cooper, has it all—a beautiful wife, a loving family, and a successful career. But when his best friend introduces him to an online chat room, Terry meets a woman in the virtual gaming world who becomes more than a fantasy. Internet chats begin a downward spiral of choices, and Terry soon finds himself trapped in a nightmare of infidelity and murder. Can Terry escape the labyrinth he has fallen into?  Or is the truth he seeks going to kill him?

Boxed set
7 PM Boxed Set


In the cut-throat world of assassins, The Praying Mantassassins is a mysterious organization. Basing their technique on the mating habits of the praying mantis, the group utilizes the seductive skills of beautiful women and men to make their kills…for a premium price.

Brittany, Ed, Hannah, Talissa and Emily, from 5PM, and two new characters, Jack and Bjorn, each tell their stories of sex, murder and revenge as their lives crisscross across six short tales. Who will escape the organization? Who will stay? And how will their lives as bounty hunters affect those around them?

PM series
11 PM 

It's 11PM, do you know where Terry Cooper is?

Find out in the stunning conclusion of the PM series, coming soon from KC Stories

Preorder coming soon
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