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New Look. New Covers! 

All my books have been given a face lift.

Check them out.


PROJECT HELL the complete series is now available in Kindle Unlimited.


She was just what the doctor didn't order.

1000 years after Earth has been devastated by a viral plague, the few survivors turn to genetic engineering and advanced robotics to ensure the future of the human race. But not everyone is happy with artificial life living among humans, least of all Peyton Chase, a doctor with a harrowing past.

When he’s ‘gifted’ a state-of-the-art companion that he can’t send back, Peyton is far from pleased. She’s sentient. She’s sexy. She’s everything he doesn’t want complicating his life. He nicknames her Hell. She nicknames him a lot of inappropriate things, at least in her mind. Because there are rules to a relationship like theirs. Master and Slave. She’s supposed to obey him in all things. But if that’s true, why can’t she stop meddling in his life?

She’s a mystery that Peyton needs to solve. But time is running out for Hell. The deadly truth of her origins is about to catch up with her ...and change the course of human civilization forever.

Praise for Project Hell:

"Ms. Kates combines the intrigue of Hunger Games with the sensuality of 50 shades of Grey in this Sci-Fi story. Once I picked it up, I could NOT put it down. Beautifully written and suspense filled, this book makes us ponder our cyber future, while incorporating the ever challenging topic of true love. I can't wait to read her other books. 5 stars!"

~Fraser Valley News, Sports and Entertainment


"Felicity has such a way with words, she draws the reader into the worlds she creates.

~ShannonVM, Amazon Reviewer

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