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The LITTLE MISS KICK-ASS series is a set of contemporary erotic romance stories with a paranormal twist. Think hot alpha heroes who will do anything and everything to find their happily-ever-after with the love of their life. But the feisty heroines who have stolen their heroes’ hearts don’t make it easy. They are strong independent women, and it will take a special guy to show them that being strong and independent means you can be loved, honoured and cherished too.

Cosplay, Little Miss Kick-Ass #1

He wants to dominate her desires, but can she submit to love?

CASEY JACKSON thinks she has it all. A sexy job as a curvy cosplay model and an even sexier boss who keeps her happy in and out of the bedroom. She doesn’t mind the blurred lines of their relationship, until Lucas Haskell gives her the ultimate ultimatum—commit or leave. Being partners is one thing, but is marriage worth the price of her freedom?

LUCAS HASKELL knows what he wants: Casey Jackson. She’s the love of his life and the cosplaying muse he’s always dreamed of. She may have doubts about marriage, but he’s ready to do everything in his power to convince her they are meant to be together. When opportunity presents itself at a Fan Expo convention, Lucas puts his plan into action and Casey soon realizes playing dress-up has never been so steamy...or so much fun.

***BONUS FEATURE: INCLUDES SUPER-SEX ME, A Little Miss Kick-Ass short story where Casey's BFF Astrid Bitten has a date night that she will never forget. Steamy romance with a paranormal twist.

***Author's note*** This is a reissue of Steam Bunny/My Desire by Felicity Kates. The title and cover have changed, but the content remains the same.


Available in ebook and paperback.


Secret Identity
Secret IdentityLittle Miss Kick-Ass #2

Our mating under the stars is as inevitable as the sunrise.
Our inherent natures demand it, even if the gods do not.

He's a liar. A manipulator. He doesn't deserve a second chance. But he dominates my dreams, making me want him more each day. My best chance for survival is to stay far away from him. To ignore the desire heating my veins. But trapped together for a cosplay weekend in Sweden, I can’t avoid his intoxicating presence…or the way my heart races when he whispers my name.
She's the love of my life, my dream, the goddess I've been waiting an eternity for. I won’t argue that her anger and mistrust toward me aren’t justified, but after nearly thirty days of her constant rebuttal to the obvious fact that she and I belong together, my patience is wearing thin. There is no other option for us. Not when she’s the answer to my secret identity.

***Author's note*** This book is a reissue of Fit To Be Tied/My Destiny by Felicity Kates. The cover and title have changed but the content remains the same***


Available in ebook and paperback.

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